David Conrad: The Blue-Eyed Wonder of Pittsburgh

Charitable Activities


    In what little free time he has, David does many works of charity. He serves on the board for his former school (Kiski Prep), and has stated previously that he has been helping to rebuild neighborhoods outside of Pittsburgh. He has produced two documentaries, one on a church camp and one on his former high school teacher. In the Monongahela Valley, he helped preserve history by either purchasing and donating, or paying to refurbish, old steel signs and paintings, and even convinced Lamar Advertising to recreate one as a mural. In another nod towards the arts, he recently donated his 151 pieces of art to Kiski so that the students could be introduced to and immersed in it. He and a fellow graduate also are supporting an annual award known as Will's Gift, which is a cash prize awarded to a local artist (and later have that artist's work placed in the school). David also once worked at the Steel Valley Historical Society, where he interviewed steel workers and their families for an oral history project, and he recently agreed to narrate a documentary about the Allegheny Observatory for free. When asked about what, out of all the charities that he has helped throughout the years, his favorite charity was, David chose POWER - Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery.





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