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October 11, 2013 at 1:17 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Waltraud P
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Lupe thank you for the blog for David I am a Ghost Whisperer since 2005 I also have all his movies

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Sharon H.
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I have his blog in my favorites. He has written some very deep stories, seemingly all from his own experiences in life.

Like with most things he does, he is an excellent writer!:)


Sharon H.

[email protected]

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Ms. M
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Hey guys! One quick request:

Please refrain from commenting on David's blog with personal questions or comments. We want to present ourselves as a supportive fan base, not a gossipy (or sometimes lusty) fan base. It hasn't been a problem thus far, but so far, we have maintained decent relations with David and his family (no direct contact, don't ask) and I want to keep that as it stands. This benefits us all in the long run, because David is much more willing to interact in person with me or other members of the site right now since he recognizes that we are respectful and supportive fans. 

I don't want to be a debbie downer -- by all means, PLEASE read the blog, enjoy the blog, etc! It's a great new way for us to be in contact and it's fantastic! I just wanted to make sure that everyone acts with common sense and modesty! :)


^--- is one of the most phenomenal acting jobs I've seen him do. The physical transformation (facial expressions, etc) from Sam to Jim was absolutely amazing. 

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Waltraud P
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Ms M I did not know he had a blog I would never use it I only hope we his fans will see more of him on TV or the Movies I have started to read the blog and I enjoyed it hope he will write some more thank you

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Great to read this blog— you can hear him speaking as you do so. One of the things that has always drawn me to David is his relationship with the written word. He values language and its ability to create connections across time and space and I love that he is willing to share his thoughts. He is one smart man.

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Lupe, I read one of David's recent blogs.  I was stunned and disappointed to see a swear word in it.  Even though it was partially blocked, I knew what word he was using and frankly I was turned off by it.  It's something I never would have expected him to say.  I certainly never use that word ever.

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