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This is an interview Writer/Producer PK Simonds gave to Fancast. And here's my favorite part:


How did Connor (Aiden) take to Jennifer Love (Melinda)?

"Well, Love is terrific with kids. She’s very much in touch with her owninner child in all the best ways. And so, they immediately struck up aplayful and fun relationship. Same thing with Connor and David Conrad,they’re like best buddies. On screen and off screen, they all have agreat time together. What’s great about Connor is he’s just  natural.When you’ll watch him, you won’t think that he’s pretending. He’s agifted, natural actor, just like his character."


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Now I see why David and Connor are best buddies in Ghost Whisperer as Father and Son. Great relationship. The beginning while Aiden looking for his toys, the middle where mom and dad are caring for son in hospital, and the end running around the front yard.

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Aww, that's SUCH a sweet article! Gratzee 4 posting it!!


It's weird too, because I JUST talked to one of my best friends the other day, who recently extra-ed, & she said that every1 thought it was SUPER cute because @ both the lunch AND dinner break, instead of having his "own time" or doing his "own thing" or "going in his trailer" or what not, David was outside playing games w/ Connor. I guess they were playing basketball & a funny game of hide & seek, which David purposly lost, & it was histerical.


It seems SOO much like David's character to me, & I just find it really neat & classy to form that bond w/ your tv-child, & keep it fun for him on the set, ya know?? Didn't suprise me about David @ all when she called & told me that though. Really didn't.. :)


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Thak you, ayyyyyyy, They are so cute!

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